Den oversete rørisolering

The baths shame for your economy and the environment, if your water pipes are not insulated, where transported hot water, which is usually hot water and central heating pipes in the home. Most have fortunately been isolated these tubes. But in many homes is the insulation sadly deficient or non-existent, so here fired you all for the birds. Fortunately, it is both easy and inexpensive to solve the problem of pipe insulation, and the solution can be read here.

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Opvarmning i fremtiden

It is not irrelevant to the future of music when one is discussing today the warming in the community in 2050 and beyond. We are all helping to shape the future and we must be prepared for that oil reserves will soon run out, so we must be prepared to take new types of energy used to heat our homes up to our cars and factories. We already have many years of research into new energy sources for the future. Hydrogen seems very promising as an energy source, and we also have a lot of biomass that we can use as fuel. Politicians and other decision makers must decide now to the development of society in which we now have to provide grants and allocate resources for research so we garde ready for the future and its need for stable energy for power and heating. On can read more about our vision today at heating methods in the future .

Metropolitan area in the future


In order to better plan for the district heating in the near future have energy planners in the metropolitan area rumbled far back and looked at the energy situation for more than thirty years. In cooperation around the Heat Plan Greater Copenhagen have energy planners this time rumbled far into the crystal ball. The parties behind, that is, CTR, VEKS and district heating portion of københavns belysningsvæsen, has in recent analyzes work with scenarios that extends until 2050. Nina Holmboe that are energy planner at Plan District of københavns belysningsvæsen, explains why distant prospect must go prior to the brief:

– Biomass long-term role in the district heating system and wind power in the electricity market are both crucial to how the energy system evolves, and thus crucial for the investments we need to make in the district heating system in the coming years. We have therefore chosen to turn the schedule upside down and draw conclusions on the long-term prospects, before we proceed with the shorter sight. And what the analyzes show then? The electricity market and particularly the expansion of wind power will be crucial for district heating development opportunity. Looking forward to 2050, there is no doubt that the expansion of wind power continues both in Denmark and in our neighboring countries, and it will affect the district heating sector.

Less heat consumption in the future


– In 2050, we expect heat savings of 30 percent compared to 2012. At the same time, we expect that the DH should continue to grow in the capital, as most major buildings and half of villas and townhouses are connected to district heating by 2035. This means that the consumption of district heating will initially increase by approximately 10 percent until 2025 with – until 2050 – only to fall to a level equivalent to the consumption we have today because of heat savings, assess Nina Holmboe. Biomass will play a central role in the scenarios that energy planners have looked at. The analyzes show among other things that the biomass CHP is financially prudent in the metropolitan area in the next 30 to 40 years, but it will be combined with, among other large electric heat pumps, geothermal energy and heat storage.

Balmorel model


The perspectives are not just pure science fiction. The analyzes are based on the so-called ‘Balmorel’ model, making an economic optimization of the expansion of electricity and heat production and -transmissionen on the basis of the assumptions with respect to environmental, fuel prices, etc., which is loaded into the model. To assumptions also includes any restrictions on the technologies, the model may use where large expansions authorized etc. The model covers the Nordic countries and Germany.


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Biobrændsel varmer boligen fint op


Biofuel warms up the home and provides you with hot water. It is an excellent solution for those who do not have the opportunity for district heating. When using biofuel comes hot water and heating to radiators throughout the house. You can get biofuel boilers for wood (firewood), wood pellets, wood chips, grain and straw.

More energy efficient than electricity and oil

Although biofuel is not a perfect way to provide the house with heat on, it is still much better than electricity and oil.


Biofuel price varies considerably and can not itself set a price. Some are also able to supply itself with biomass material that they will actually use incredibly little money to keep the plant going. If, for instance, owns his own forest can trap wood that can be used as the combustible material.

Choose A mark

Like so many other things that you should not just buy the first and best biofuel plant. It is very important that precisely in this phase looks for. One should choose a boiler that is energy label A. It has a major impact on the environment, you can not just buy a kettle, but that you think twice before you buy biofuel plant.

Chimney sweeper

You probably will not come around that you must have a chimney sweep to approve the preset boiler and sign test certificate. It may for some be annoying with another expense, but on the other hand, it’s a really good security. You’re not interested in getting damage to your house or at worst, risking fire.

The heat can be controlled fully automatically

It is actually possible to buy a boiler, where the heat is controlled automatically by the temperature outside. You can either get this automation built or it can be purchased separately. As far as I can figure out, it is definitely worth buying, because it can save a lot of money on unnecessary heating.

Source: DEA

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Tjek din bolig med en klimapistol

Many are enough and wonder if their housing is sealed well enough and the thought is unfortunately common enough for many homes are so leaky, so you actually spend too much money on heating bills. By setting up new gaskets, maybe a couple of new windows and a little more insulation, so one can with a very small investment can save thousands of kronor every year to come. Thereby doing something good for the environment, but you will certainly be rewarded economically. But where do you start? It is of no use to work in the dark or by feel.

The answer is an air gun

With an air gun you can check the insulation in the attic is properly if there are cold spots on hulmursisoleringen has dropped a little, or on the insulation strips on windows and doors function optimally. See more benefits with a climate pistol in the local newspaper here, where you just focus on the benefits of doing home with an air pistol . Can your home keep warm? The cold is upon us, and we prefer indoors in the heat. But can your home keep warm? How are things with the insulation and seals? Climate-gun is an infrared thermometer that is easy to use. To correct just the lit “gun” at the surface you want to measure temperature and reads the display. By moving the infrared beam from place to place, you can read if there are temperature differences – for example. different locations on the ceiling, respectively top and bottom of the outer walls, or from one window frame to another. That way you can systematically go through your home and see if it is almost time to go after the insulation and thus do good for both your pocketbook and the environment.

Good for the environment


There is a huge potential to save energy around the home. The greatest potential lies in the insulation. But it can be hard to know where it is most worthwhile to put in. You can find out by using an air gun. For example if you have two different sets of windows so you can with the temperature gauge to see which one of them, you can earn the most on switching out. By correcting the deficiencies you find that you can save on your heating bill, get a better indoor climate without such. drag and also reduce your CO2 emissions. You can borrow an air pistol for free for 1 week by contacting the green guide on [email protected] or tel. 23,367,446th There follows an easily understandable manual of. A klimapistil cost from 10.000 kr. And up, and is also called for a termokamera or an instrument of thermography.


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Gør din varmeregning mindre ved isolering

Advantages of the insulating property

When you insulate your home, heat up the bill better and you save the environment. If you also ensure proper ventilation in the home, then you will also achieve a better indoor climate.

Insulate when you

Think “insulation” every time you renovate something in your home. It is much easier to isolate each time you renovate than to take it all at once.

Known for building regulations

When you isolate yourself, you must know the laws. You risk having to do it all on the day you need to sell the house if it is not done well enough.

Get a guarantee

If you have an artisan to isolate for you, be sure to choose one that will provide a guarantee. Many builders will not allow this and it may ultimately be you who are faced with the problem if they have not done their job well enough. You must have a guarantee of durability and some manufacturers actually offer what they call a product guarantee and it is such a you must have.

Insulating Properties

One can isolate with a great many things and there are many who have used creative solutions. Unfortunately, not all of which are legal and many are directly flammable. When looking for the insulation characteristics and quality are:

  • Insulation properties
  • fire Properties
  • Life
  • Work environment

The material’s insulation properties are shown as λ-value – the lower λ-value, the better the insulating properties. One can achieve as good insulation properties of materials with high λ-value. Who just need a thicker layer.

One can test the insulation before use

There is a body called Thermal insulation checks. It is an independent control system, you can certainly contact. They have tested some materials and can possibly tell you about your chosen insulation is good enough. There is also a lot of Danes who have already isolated the entire home, some have actually insulated so well that they save lots of money on heating bills each winter.



Source: DEA

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Fakta om fjernvarme

The many people in Denmark, which has district heating, whereas they can not do much to affect the operation of district heating. But the individual consumer of heating can even set the temperature at the inlet and outlet on their hot water tank, since it is the difference in temperature to the pay for. And the many Danes with district heating can easily interfere in the great energy debate, encompassing as it also affects the country’s CO2 emissions. In fact, the district heating in Denmark a great success story, but of course there are some exceptions, and it is often those you hear about in the news. In some localities, the operation of district heating so expensive that it exceeds the price of the average consumer who has oil-fired boilers or pellet boiler for its heating. But the vast majority of users of district heating can be proud that they have climate-friendly heating and low prices of district heating. Read more about the district here on where there are many useful statistics on district heating .

District heating is good for the environment


Almost two thirds of Danish households with district heating. Thus they help to ensure that we use energy efficiently. Should each of us heat our homes individually, it would be an expensive affair – not least the environment. But because we have a common heat supply of district heating, we also get a significant public benefit: We use the latest technology to exploit resources, protects the environment and preventing pollution.

CO2 emissions


Each boiler house, which selects heating, saves the environment for 5.7 tonnes of CO2 per year. If the house uses natural gas, the figure is 3.9 tonnes, and by electric heating we are as high as 15.6 tons per year. If the district heating had not been expanded since 1990, would Denmark’s CO2 emissions to be 33% higher today. As Denmark’s 3.2 million. district heating consumers is nothing less than the country’s largest environmental movement!

Heating making Denmark independent


There are at least four good reasons that DH is the right solution to Denmark’s energy challenges:

1. Fjernvarmen make Denmark independent of importing oil and other fossil fuels for heating.

2. Remove the heat is mainly inexpensive waste heat, which reduces our need for fossil fuels.

District heating can also be produced on local energy sources, such as solar, geothermal (geothermal energy), wind and biomass.

3. District heating can always adapt. Many gas-fired plants put for example on biomass.

4. Therefore, make DH us stronger as an energy nation.

District heating is the future


Almost two out of three Danes have district heating, and no less than 60,000 kilometers of district heating brings the heat to the Danes. So DH is the backbone of Denmark’s contemporary heat supply – and it is in many ways the future with modern technology and intensive research and development. Fjernvarmen gives us the freedom to choose just the energy and fuels, we prefer. They can all supply heat to the district heating network, so the Danes in large and small urban areas have an environmentally friendly heating. Even at a price which is often cheaper than the alternatives. District heating is designed for current and future warming!

How many have heating?


In Denmark, district heating by far the most common form of heating. 63% of all Danish households with district heating – the equivalent of about 3.2 million Danes. It is especially urban communities that have district heating.

is greener


Three quarters of district heat is surplus heat from electricity production at power stations. It provides an efficient use of energy. At the same time fills renewables still more.

The distribution of fuels and energy sources is today.


District heating energy (DEA 2012)


Biomass (straw, wood chips, wood pellets, degradable waste  40.98%
Combustible waste    7.77%
Fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas)  47.75%
Solar, geothermal and wind    1.48%
Bio-oil and biogas    2.02%



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Olie til fyring

If you need oil?

If you need oil to your guy? then Statoil a good selection, which you can use.

Here are some good points to keep track of your guy, and your oil for heating.

1. Is the circuit breaker turned off?

Yes: There may be a defect in one of the house’s electrical wiring. Fired occurs only when the circuit breaker again is engaged – possibly after pressing the boiler start button.


2. Is the fuse blown?

Yes: Replace the fuse, press the boiler start button and wait more than 5 minutes. Skip to step 3 if the burner starts


3. Should start button is pressed?

Any oil-fired boiler has a start button that is located on the burner. Press the button and wait more than 5 minutes.

4. Is there enough oil in the tank?

If the tank is free – in the basement, garage or outside – is a gauge on the tank. It must show more than 8 cm or 80 liters, otherwise stop fired. If the tank is buried, you can check the oil supply by inserting a dipstick or a stick to the bottom of the tank. There must be at least 30 cm oil, otherwise stop fired.

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Alt om energispareområder

Energy providers in Denmark is part of the government has been obliged to reduce Denmark’s energy consumption, and one of the initiatives to achieve this goal is the website that aims to help you get started with energy savings in the home or business. Here you get an overview of the services and offers utilities (electricity, gas, district heating and oil companies) and their partners can offer you to get started with the savings. There is help available for eg insulation of the building, installation of new gas / oil boiler or heat pump, optimization of production processes or get an energy adviser to see the home / business through savings.

Many different energy saving areas


As several energy companies cooperate with other companies to make energy savings include consultants, contractors and installers can come into direct contact with them via when any task to be performed. Here is an overview of the various energy-saving areas where you can make energy savings in the home and in business.

Generally there are the following. Energy saving areas:


  • Insulation
  • Heating (gas and oil boilers, electric heating)
  • Window
  • Heat pumps
  • Renewable energy (solar)
  • transport

For companies are also following. Energy saving areas:


  • Energy optimization (cooling, ventilation, etc.)
  • Energy optimization boilers (boilers, heating systems and processes)
  • New construction and remodeling

It focuses on the many


Network and distribution (Energy companies) has been tasked to make energy savings for businesses and households in Denmark. Energy companies have each year a firm goal to be achieved. It also means that you as an end consumer and business can apply for assistance or advice on energy saving measures in the activities of energy-creators or an artisan, counselor etc., that has an agreement with an energy company. Companies can report the savings that they have been instrumental to the DEA, and thus achieve their goals.

about developed in collaboration between electricity, natural gas, district heating and oil companies, all of which are obliged to implement energy savings for domestic consumers, businesses, government, etc. It is designed to help both homeowners as well as businesses to begin to reduce their energy consumption. The different network and distribution have different services that caters for either homeowners or businesses. They work with a wide range of stakeholders to help achieve energy savings. Some players have expertise in making energy savings in homes, while others specialize in helping companies to save energy. The grant or advice obtained by entering into an agreement with a network or distribution company before you begin the actual increased. The conclusion of a binding agreement for the purchase of equipment, materials, or the realization of the project seen as the launch of the initiative. You can conclude the agreement with the company through one of the companies partners.


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Isolering af boligens hulmur

Many properties in Denmark are not insulated well enough so that they may spend too much money on heating oil, firewood, heating or whatever they have chosen the firing method. There is no doubt that the best advice for these homeowners is to review the insulated their homes, so the future can save a lot of money every year on heating. Even if you take to the bank and borrow money for the insulation is still a good investment because the investment is paid in a few years. In some properties are the basement or attic, which need to after-insulated, but most places are on their cavity wall, which needs more insulation. The vast majority of houses is composed of an outer wall and an inner wall, and between these two walls are just air, which also insulates a small amount. But it is very easy to blow insulation into the cavity wall so the house can better retain heat, and you can read more about on , specifically concentrating on helping homeowners with good advice.

New and better insulation for the house’s cavity


In recent years, homeowners have become accustomed to using , when for example, insulate their cavity walls. One of the companies is paper wool Denmark A / S, which has now developed the product and launched the “paper wool Cavity” that provides an even lower heating bills. Paper insulation is an easily workable and effective insulation, particularly works well for hulmursisoleringer. More and more homeowners have an eye for the small fibers through a hole in the joint is injected into the wall cavity. Now the company has paper wool Denmark A / S has developed a new product they call “paper wool Cavity.” In fact, it works the same way as the company’s original paper insulation, but now with an even better insulation in heavy outer walls. A heavy outer wall is a wall that consists either of lightweight concrete or masonry wall.

Cavity wall insulation comes out in all corners


Specifically, in contrast to conventional paper insulation does not make as many blow holes in the joint for injecting the insulation, which provide a more beautiful facade, as there are made as many holes. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, is “paper wool Cavity” even better when it comes to cavity walls with heavy walls. This is because the length of the cellulose fibers is adjusted so that the material can easily get into the cracks and crevices and thereby obtain a better insulation capacity. Ultimately it means lower heating bills when the insulation is improved.

Benefits of “paper wool Cavity”


  • Improved insulation
  • fewer blow holes
  • Lower heating bills
  • Nicer facade of the house
  • The price is the same as ordinary paper insulation
  • Long life

Disadvantages with the “paper wool Cavity”


Used only for heavy exterior walls and no wooden walls

The price


The price of “paper wool Cavity” is the same as with conventional paper insulation, which is around 11,000 crowns for 70 square meters of empty cavity wall, as a typical detached house of 120 square meters has.


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God fyringsolie til varmt hjem

A good and proper heating oil is important for winter . Now that we’ve had a really nice and especially hot summer, it is also slowly approaching the time where you have to check the boiler, fuel oil and tank, so it is ready for the coming winter. For who knows how cold it gets? And then it is not fun to stand with an efficient oil burner are missing fuel in the tank. You will probably not want to stand in the middle of a cold winter without any heating oil or heating for a whole week – it gets cold for everyone!

optimal heating oil

Now when you need to check your oil burner, tank and fuel oil, it is important that you find the type of oil, which perfectly suits your needs. It is important and should be high on the priority list, as there are different types of heating oil find in the market. If you stand for the situation to be in possession of an oil tank that sits outside, then you need to buy a fuel oil that can withstand frost and freezing temperatures. In addition, it is inter alia Also important to select an oil that is not polluting, so as not to suddenly faced with damaged tubes due to soot.

 proper oil

Besides identify the correct and appropriate heating oil, you should also pay attention to your choice of oil when you are going to check it. It is also important here that you select the correct one. An oil tank should withstand precipitation for a long time if you are forced to install the outside. When you then start to check your tank, you should be aware that it is installed so that it is easy to refuel.

You can make sure of a warm home by checking your heating oil and your oil tank – so should I avoid freezing later in the year.


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